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5 Design Tips for Home Bar Lighting

5 Design Tips For Home Bar Lighting A home bar can be used for a variety of different things; some use a bar purposes; as a place to unwind after a hard day at work, Others use it as an area to entertain guests, or as a hideaway to watch the big game. When designing a bar, there are many important features to address, but none may be more important than the lighting. Lighting can make or break the visual appearance and functionality of a bar, so be sure to  consider the following tips.

Layer the Lighting

This may seem like an unfamiliar term, but it is really a very easy concept to grasp. Layering lighting is, basically, just what it sounds like. This starts with a focus on three different types of lighting, building on each layer to complement the others.

Start with ambient lighting. This is the general lighting that will provide the primary source of light for the bar. This could include recessed lighting, track lighting, or wall-mounted lighting, for example. Next, focus on what is called “task lighting.” Task lighting is used to help complete specific tasks. In bar terms, this could include finding liquor bottles, mixing drinks, or cleaning glassware. The final layer is accent lighting. This is the lighting that creates a unique visual appeal.

Lighting for Bottle and Glass Display

If you look around next time you are in a popular bar, chances are you will notice some sort of unique lighting feature on the shelves, displaying the bottles and glasses. When designing a home bar, this can also be a good idea. Because it is the backdrop for the bar, this is the perfect place to create a space with unique visual appeal. Try using different colors or change the angle and direction of the light to spice things up.  A good choice to illuminate a backdrop is LED lighting.

Sitting Area

While the visual appeal of liquor shelves is usually noticed first, it’s important not to forget about the bar itself. Provide guests with enough lighting to enjoy themselves while sitting at the bar. Pendant lighting and track lighting are the best options , because they don’t take up any counter space and still provide plenty of light.

Dimmer Switch

One simple way to give a bar flexibility is by installing a dimmer switch. Your bar will likely be used for many different occasions; having the ability to change the ambience with the flip of a switch can be essential.

Wall Lighting

Try accenting wall art and pictures with LED lighting. This can really enhance the visual appeal of the room and while allowing people to focus on your favorite pieces and displays.

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