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Award Winning Project: Mother Lode

Lighting Award Winning Project - Mother Lode

Photo by Brent Moss

Some of the most daunting lighting design challenges present themselves in spaces with large, flat ceilings. Although it is easy to provide functional lighting in this type of space, it is difficult to layer it and create an intimate atmosphere.

For the Mother Lode Residence, the lighting designers spent hours working with the interior architect to break up ceiling planes with coves, reverse coves, skylights and varied ceiling elevations. Once this as achieved, square downlights were meticulously arranged with the architecture, furniture, built-ins and art locations.

Why square downlights? Every architectural junction in the space is a right angle. This made square apertures an ideal choice for recessed lighting. The selected product also offered a high degree of ease in aiming, relamping and adding media.

Compact fluorescent downlights and wall washers were used to meet all energy, emergency and egress codes in the lobby and public corridors. A home control system provides simple control of the multiple layers of daylighting and electric lighting throughout the home. Choices of long-life light sources and dimmed settings minimize maintenance. Home control dimmed “scenes” accentuate the rich materials and create a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

Project: Mother LodeLocation: Aspen, Colorado

Award: Award of Recognition in Professional Residential Category in Cooper Lighting’s 34th Annual SOURCE Awards

Lighting Designers: Gregg Mackell, principal designer and Adam Beck, associate designer of 186 Lighting Design Group, Inc.

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