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Decorative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Lighting isn’t just for the inside of your home. Decorative outdoor lighting can be a great addition to a property, and there is a diverse set of ways to incorporate this kind of lighting into an outdoor space.

Why Have Outdoor Lighting?

The most prominent reason to implement decorative outdoor lighting is, of course, its aesthetic appeal. Decorative outdoor lighting is a beautiful way to create some buzz about your building from neighbors, especially at night when your home will stand apart from the rest with a beautiful lighting arrangement. Decorative outdoor lighting can also increase the value of your home – in fact, homes with outdoor lighting installations, for the most part, sell for more on the market than those with no outdoor ambiance created through decorative lighting.Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Believe it or not, decorative outdoor lighting serves a practical purpose as well. With the implementation of outdoor lighting, your home is much less likely to have a break in, and this is because well-lit homes are simply not easy targets. Decorative outdoor lighting also serves as a safety feature by increasing the visibility outside the house and thus reducing the risk of tripping or falling, which is a particular asset for families with young children.

A Few Ideas for Implementing Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Water Features

If a backyard prominently displays a small pond, waterfall, fountain, or other running water feature, outdoor lighting can actually increase the amount of time that these features can be utilized. With a waterfall, for example, lighting the underside of the water drop creates an elegant enhancement of the overall space for homeowners and guests to view.

Enhance a Garden

Many homeowners invest a lot of time, energy, and even money in maintaining their yards and gardens. As such, enjoying them at night is a cinch with the addition of outdoor lighting that gives a whole new angle to the view of the garden. Colors in a decorative garden come together in a whole new way with outdoor lighting.

Focal Lights

Lighting can also be the prominent feature of a garden or yard. It is simple to set a mood simply by hanging colorful lanterns or globes from the branches of a tree, for example. As a result, the eyes are drawn to the display.

Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can feel extravagant, but it does not have negatively impact the planet. In addition to providing visual enhancements to an outdoor space, decorative outdoor lighting can be solar-powered for warmth and ambiance in a backyard or garden.

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