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Entertain Your Company: Cool Ceiling Lights

Cool ceiling lights are a great way to add an interesting light fixture to any room in your house, particularly the living room and bedroom. You can find a variety of ceiling lights that will match your room atmosphere or add another dimension through LED lights or experimenting with depth perception. Try some of these design ideas for a ceiling fixture that will stand out and highlight the best features of your home.

Adding to Your Room Décor

First and foremost, a good ceiling light will enhance the décor of your overall room. You should choose a style of material and color that will match with other materials in the room, furniture, and the color of your walls. Second, if you are choosing a creative ceiling light that will stand out, it should not overwhelm room occupants or fight for attention with other key pieces. Choose an artistic light when a strong accent piece is need for a room.

Using LED LightsEntertain Your Company

Using LED lights as a hidden feature in a room will create a glowing design. LED lights can be hidden within the swirl of a ceiling to add an ethereal glow to the room and enhances the natural beauty of a three-dimensional ceiling design.

Artistic Ceiling Fans

While a ceiling fan is a staple for many bedrooms, trying an artistic style fan will add a level of creativity to a usually boring utility piece. The blades of a fan can complement the rest of the room in terms of color and material. Rather than a utility, this use of a ceiling fan is an artistic light fixture.

Creating a Spotlight

Adding a spotlight through chandeliers or pendant lamps is another way to add creativity to your overhead lights. Sconce lighting can enhance the color scheme of a room and shine a spotlight into the middle of a bedroom.

Working with Depth

Another fun way to utilize ceiling lights is to play with depth. You can use lights that are strategically placed to make a ceiling seem lower or higher, bigger or smaller. If the ceiling itself varies in terms of depth, and the lighting in an unexpected area, this can add to the visual perception of the room.

Lights that Hang Low

Another interesting trend is the use of ceiling lights that hang very low, often almost on top the table or desk below. When a lamp hangs just a couple of feet above the table, it can be surrounded by a black shade that shields bright light and creates an ambient effect.

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