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Knowing When It’s Time to Redesign Your Home Lighting

Knowing When It's Time to Redesign Your Home LightingDo you need to redesign your home lighting? There are many excellent reasons to update your home lighting, whether you just need a change in design or want to replace outdated, energy-inefficient fixtures. Changing your lighting design has a major impact on the overall look of your home, allowing you to not only revamp your home lighting but also update your interior design. Furthermore, updating your lighting can save you money on energy costs and keep your home up to safety standards. Here are our top three reasons for redoing your home lighting.

1. Revamping Exterior and Interior Lighting

Your lighting design gives a first impression to visitors and creates the overall atmosphere of your home. If you feel like that atmosphere leaves something to be desired, it may be time to redesign your lighting scheme. For the exterior, it can be helpful to redo your lighting in the winter to ensure that dark paths are better lighted for safety., Your home should be well  lighted at its main entrance with both a hanging light and wall lights. This provides a welcoming atmosphere to guests.

2. Enhancing Kitchen Lighting  and Bathroom Lighting

The kitchen and the bathroom are also great spaces to update and enhance your lighting design. In the kitchen, good task lighting is important for food preparation. Pendant lamps  or recessed downlighting above counters and under cabinet lighting will illuminate your workspaces. The light above your kitchen table is also crucial, and installing a dimmer can help set the mood.

In the bathroom, lighting should be soft (but still bright) and designed properly for grooming. You will need task lighting both in the shower and vanity areas. For the vanity, ensure that you have even lighting on the sides of the mirror, which is best for doing makeup and other tasks. Natural light from a window or another source of ambient light is also  desirable for the bathroom.

3. Replacing Outdated Fixtures and Going Energy-Efficient

Another great reason to redo your home lighting is to replace the old and bring in the new. When it comes to outdated fixtures, these should be the first candidates for replacement. First, outdated fixtures are likely to detract from the value of your home. Second, outdated fixtures can often be inefficient because they probably have outdated light bulbs, too. By choosing energy efficient light bulbs rather than traditional incandescent bulbs, you can use about 75% less energy per year. This will save you significantly in energy costs over time.

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