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Lighting the Entryway in Your Home

Lighting The Entryway in Your HomeEven if you rarely enter your home through the front door, the entryway is one of the most important areas of your home since it is a visitor’s first impression of the house. With the appropriate lighting fixture, you can successfully illuminate the area and provide a stylish design accent. Read the following tips on lighting the entryway in your home.

Fixtures for the Inside Entryway

As you choose the fixtures for the entryway, it’s important to consider how the light will affect both the inside and the outside appearance of the house. The lighting fixture should provide plenty of light for the entry way, but it should also provide an inviting atmosphere and glow visible from  the outside of the house that guests see as they approach your home.

In many entryways, ceiling fixtures are the most reliable source of ambient light. A ceiling fixture can be used even in a narrow entry hallway to provide a general source of light. Consider the size of your entryway as you browse your options for light fixtures. A large entryway will require more significant lighting in order to achieve a welcoming atmosphere.

A chandelier is a popular choice for entryways because it provides plenty of light along with an interesting focal point for the area. If you choose to incorporate a chandelier into your entryway, be careful to select one that is the appropriate size for the area. In a large entryway, you should choose a large chandelier that won’t be dwarfed by the size of the space.

Lamps and wall sconces can be used to provide supplemental light in an entryway. In many cases, wall sconces can offer adequate light on their own, depending on the size of the space. However, if you choose to utilize wall sconces, make sure that there is plenty of space in the entryway so that  the lighting elements don’t intrude into the space. Aesthetic Considerations

Naturally, it’s important to consider the aesthetics of your entryway lighting. The fixtures should reflect the overall interior design in your home. If possible, choose fixtures that mimic other design elements in your entryway. In addition, consider the style of your home’s architecture and choose fixtures that coordinate with that style.

The fixtures in your entryway are a chance to highlight your design theme. If you have a flair for the unusual, don’t be afraid to select fixtures made from unconventional materials. Minimalists can choose simple wall sconces or unadorned chandeliers. In many cases, the lighting fixture in an entryway can be a standout piece that will attract attention and provoke conversation.

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