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Lighting Tips Your Kids Will Love

When decorating your kids’ rooms, lighting is an important piece to consider. Having lighting that matches with a decorating scheme will really add to the fun atmosphere of your child’s bedroom. These lighting tips will encourage reading and homework, as well as help you pay attention to their needs for night lighting.

Working with a Theme

Whether you have a theme in mind, are adding to an existing theme, or are creating one from scratch, lighting that goes with your child’s room décor will add to his or her experience of the bedroom as a fun, safe place. You can purchase string lights in many different colors and shapes as well as table lamps in various styles. You can also utilize different colors of Christmas lights for a room that is decorated in your child’s favorite color. For an outer space theme, try glow in the dark stars on your child’s ceiling.

Reading & Task Lights

Task lights will be a very important part of your child’s room, as you will want to encourage learning and create good lighting for doing homework. For the desk, try an adjustable lamp in a bright color. Many of these styles of task lamp come with desk organizers on them, which will be useful for a school-aged child.

Creating a reading nook is another great idea to encourage learning. Next to a comfortable chair, place an adjustable floor lamp in an older child’s room. You can often find floor lamps in different color schemes that provide varying levels of light.

Ceiling Lights

Your child’s room should definitely have a ceiling light to provide overall light to the room. One of the best options is a ceiling fan, as this will provide both a good source of overhead light and a fan for the summertime. Ceiling fans provide easy controls and a good amount of light for any activity. If a ceiling fan is not an option, you should install simple overhead lights to complement your reading and task lighting.

Nightlights and Decorative Lighting

Using nightlights is essential for children who may be afraid of the dark or need a light to guide them to the bathroom at night. You can find nightlights in different shapes and styles to complement your bedroom theme. You can also utilize touch lights that your child can turn on easily for bathroom trips. If your child prefers to sleep with soft lighting, you can decorate using fiber-optic LED lights on the ceiling to create a gentle glow. While this will involve some level of installation, it will add another level to your child’s room décor.

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