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Lighting Your Home Library

Lighting Your Home LibraryThe proper lighting in your home library is key for a few reasons. First, you want to be able to ensure that your library serves its main purpose – reading. Second, you also want to make certain that your valuable works, both literary and artistic, are properly displayed. The home library is a space for both reading and display, and your lighting must reflect these dual purposes. You can achieve proper lighting in your home library by layering the three main types of  electric lighting, paying attention to natural light, and following a few common trends for best design, including the use of dimmers.

Task, Ambient, and Accent Lighting

Layering the three main types of lighting in your home library is important because it helps your library serve its purpose. The first type of lighting you will need is task lighting. For the dedicated reading areas in your library, utilize side table lamps or floor lamps to ensure that those reading will have optimum lighting. Next, create ambient lighting by using overhead lighting, such as a chandelier or pendant lamp. Finally, add accent lighting to your home library to illuminate first editions or works of art using accent lighting from track, recessed or over the picture lights.

The Importance of Natural Lighting

In a home library, good natural light is also  important for enjoying an afternoon spent reading a good book .. For a reading area that is filled with natural light, try installing a window seat or placing couches and chairs next to a wall of windows.  Having a skylight will also add a huge amount of natural light to your library

Home Library Lighting Design Tips

With the following design tips, you can allow your home library’s lighting to reach its maximum potential:


  • Wall Sconces & Picture Lights:, Wall sconces and picture lights add both texture and warmth to your home library while serving their purpose of illuminating your valued works of literature and art.
  • Installing a Dimmer: Installing a dimmer switch is a great way to make your home library much more versatile and more conducive to not only general reading, but also having a family game night or creating a snug retreat. .
  • Creating a Reading Nook: If you do not have a separate library create a reading nook with comfortable couches, chairs, and end tables with local task lighting  to identify the area as a reading spot.


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