Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor LED Lighting for Your Landscape

Outdoor LED Lighting For Your LandscapeMany people turn to LED lighting to create unique and exciting decoration displays during the holiday season. But what about the rest of the year? LED lighting is not only for holiday light spectacles; it is also an extremely practical and appealing lighting choice for the outside of your home year round. Besides its longevity and energy efficiency, LED lighting can be an attractive way to spice up your home’s landscape design. Here are three specific areas in which you can use LED lighting to enhance the appearance of your home’s landscape.

Garden Lighting

well-lighted garden has the potential to add a unique focal point to any landscape. Homeowners typically spend countless hours nurturing their gardens throughout the year, but often overlook highlighting it during the twilight hours. To reap the benefits of LED lighting in a garden, opt for a combination of low-voltage LED lighting and LED accent lighting. Floodlights can be aimed toward the main focal point in a garden – they can be attached to poles or hung from another elevated location. Beyond the main focal point, well lights with swivel heads or recessed well lighting can be used to accentuate secondary features. Blue tinted lights will add a moonlight effect to the garden landscape.

Lighting for the Pond or Pool

Homeowners with water features such as ponds or pools should not overlook the opportunity to emphasize these features after dark. Using LED options to do so is a wise choice because they boast a long lifespan, thus not requiring frequent replacement. From floating and underwater LED lights to dramatic panels, the options are nearly endless. One of our favorite options is an underwater spotlight used to accent a waterfall.

LED Spotlights on a Porch or Patio

An extremely versatile option, outdoor LED spotlights come with the ability to emit a strong beam of light to a specific area. Keep in mind that a spotlight shining directly on an object will create harsh shadows. An added bonus: spotlights can also be used to increase security.

LED lighting can be a unique alternative for your home’s landscape. The size and versatility of LED lighting allows you to design distinctive lighting patterns for your home’s unique landscape.  LED lighting is much more than a long-lasting, energy efficient alternative; it is an aesthetically pleasing design feature that can accentuate the landscape or exterior of your home. Keep these ideas in mind – and don’t be afraid to try your own.

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