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Residential Project: Peace Haven Private Residence

Home Lighting Project: Peace HavenDescription: When a design-savvy couple acquired a new residence, they envisioned transforming it into a relaxing haven for themselves and their family. The challenge for lighting designer Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar and interior architect Archana Naik was to create a functional, safe and aesthetically cohesive environment without undertaking any major alterations to the existing structure.

Outside, a combination of accent and task lighting was used to call attention to the façade and landscaping. The flower-beds on the main façade wall are illuminated using discreetely mounted 11-watt CFL battens. The frosted glass blocks above these flower-beds are backlit with 3-watt LED projectors that also provide subtle illumination for the niches in the living room balcony. Lighting the entrances was critical to make a good first impression. A decorative ceiling luminaire makes the main entrance a central focus, while the garage entrance was highlighted using surface-mounted, 3-watt LED wall-washers for accent lighting and a ceiling-mounted luminaire for general illumination.

Lighting welcomes the family and its guests to the interior as well. Layers of lighting help visitors visually transition into the home. The entry foyer lighting features subtlely back-lit onyx panels and 1-watt LED spots integrated into the display counters. These elements encourage a focus on relaxing and spending quality time alone or with the family. The illumination level of the ceiling-mounted decorative luminaire in the foyer accommodates both daylight and evening light, providing smooth transition from the outside environment. Each of these layers can be individually switched on or off. The foyer lighting was coordinated with the adjacent spaces, including the dining and living rooms which feature similar lighting characteristics that provide subtle transitions and maintain a minimum level of illumination.

Home Lighting Project: Peace HavenLighting in the bedrooms for sleeping and playing is designed to be child safe. Separate bed-side sconces with individual switching patterns provide flexibility in the master bedroom. The decorative sconces have a dual component for general illumination from the lamp shade and an individual swiveble LED task light for bed-time reading. Lighting in bathrooms is designed to illuminate all wet and slick areas using ceiling-mounted luminaires. Grooming areas, such as mirrors, provide light coming off the mirror so as to avoid unwanted shadows while shaving or putting on make-up.

The harmonious blend of architecture and lighting was achieved with minimal changes to the existing building, making this residence a “peaceful haven” indeed.

Project: “Peace Haven” Private Residence 

Location: Bangalore, India

Lighting Designer: Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar, IES, MSLL, PLDA, Lighting Research & Design, Chennai, India

Interior architect: Archana Naik, Bangalore, India

Images courtesy of Lighting Research & Design

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