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The Art of Eco-Friendly Chandeliers

Chandeliers don’t have to be composed of environmentally unfriendly incandescent light bulbs. Artists have begun to experiment with many extravagant chandeliers, and have created gallery and museum installations with innovative materials and environmentally sound lighting. These are some of the most artistic eco-friendly chandeliers around, and there are a number of ways in which to incorporate some of these ideas into home lighting projects.

Installations and Exhibitions

Cascade Chandelier

Michelle Brand designed an enormous ceiling fixture called the Cascade Chandelier. This artist has been working, essentially, with refuse, everyday objects, and recyclable materials for years. The Cascade Chandelier runs from ceiling to floor and creates a patterned reflection of light all over the surrounding space, and is created from plastic bottles.Eco-Friendly Lighting

Volivic Lamp

The Volivic Lamp was created by a Spanish design studio in Madrid and was first put on display a number of years ago. This piece was created by constructing a chandelier shape out of discarded Bic ballpoint pens, and is now sold as a product by the design studio.

LED Chandeliers

There are a few different examples of artistically designed LED chandeliers. The Meyda Tiffany Chandelier currently hangs inside the Stanley Theatre in New York. It is, to date, the world’s largest chandelier, powered by 328 LED lamps, and, as a result, consumes only 1120 watts of power; quite an impressive feat for the largest chandelier fixture on earth.

Another LED chandelier was designed by Christoph Klemmt, who created the piece to shift its lighting throughout the day in response to the light of the sun. In the daylight hours, the Klemmt chandelier reflects sunlight in a dazzling display of colors, while at night, the solar energy that was built up during the day powers the LED lights.

In the Home

Eco-friendly chandeliers are not only trending in the art world. There are a number of active trends for chandeliers in the home that rely on LED lighting. With LED lighting, chandeliers can look enormously extravagant with a number of colors or designs available, but in the lighting process will actually use very little energy due to the LED lighting, particularly with filtered or pendant chandeliers.

One extraordinarily popular LED-specific chandelier is the 85 Lamps Chandelier designed by Rodi Graumans. This chandelier is not particularly flashy in design, but is wholly functional and actually quite playful in design, due to its being comprised of exactly that: 85 lamps.

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