Creative Lighting

Artsy Lighting to Add Flair to Your Living Room

One way to add flair to your living room is to try creative and artsy lighting. You can use different styles of lights to entertain your guests or as an accent piece that adds to your living room. There are many varieties of creative lights that range in prices from high end artsy pieces to inexpensive fun lights.

The Art of the Accent Piece

When using an accent piece, the point is to accentuate the décor of you room. An accent piece should coordinate with style in terms of materials and colors. For example, if your living room is beach-themed with a lot of light blue and earthy materials, search for an accent lamp that uses a paper shade, soft lighting, or perhaps a wooden base. An accent piece should also stand out from the rest of the room and offer your guests something to focus their eyes on. Lamps work very well as accent pieces because there are many different types of light and ways to play with light that set the mood in your living room.

Lamps to Entertain

A fun way to be creative in your lighting choices is to find lamps meant to be interacted with. Artsy LightingFor instance, having a “Coin Lamp” that will only light up if you insert a coin. They are made so they are internally set to shut off a certain amount of time after coins are inserted. You can entertain your guests by requiring them to insert coins if they want to have light during a gathering.

An “Emotion” lamp is a fun piece for guests to play with because it responds to human touch. It blossoms and provides more light every time it is touched, going back to its resting state when it is no longer being touched. The Emotion lamp will certainly keep your guests amused during a party.

Textured Lamps

Using Shibori textured lighting is another good way to add a versatile accent piece to any room. These types of lamps can work well with any color scheme because they are white, and their texture makes them interesting and artistic. These lamps could be added to almost any style of living room as an accent piece that will definitely draw the attention of visitors.

Wallpaper Light

A new, creative technology is light-emitting wallpaper. When turned off, the wall looks normal, but when switched on, the lights will illuminate a pattern on your wallpaper. This is a beautiful way to use light to brighten up and add artistry to the typical living room. Light-emitting wallpaper will certainly be a conversation piece amongst your friends.


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