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4 Tips for Updating Your Lighting Fixtures

4 Tips For Updating Your Lighting FixturesWhether you live in an apartment or own a house, we’ve all had that moment where we realize it’s time to switch things up. One of the quickest and easiest ways to redesign or update a living space is to take a look at lighting fixtures. Updating your lighting fixtures can make a world of difference, sometimes at a very low cost.

Why Does it Matter?

We often take lighting fixtures for granted; they work, why change? Here are a few reasons why updating lighting fixtures matters in creating a beautiful, comfortable home:

  •  Safety –  If lighting is not adequate, it can create unnecessary risks for falling, tripping, or bumping into furniture in the kitchen, hallways, and more.
  •  Appearance – Lighting can completely change the look of a room. By updating lighting fixtures, you can pursue the look and feel you have always wanted.
  •  Efficiency – Older lighting fixtures may work just fine, but they could be wasting unnecessary energy. Upgrading to higher efficiency lighting fixtures can actually save money on electricity and promote a healthy environment.

How to Update

There are a number of ways to update lighting fixtures to improve safety, appearance, and efficiency. The particular solution will depend on each specific situation, but here are a few general ideas for updating fixtures:

  • Cover Naked Bulbs – Does the home have lighting fixtures with exposed, naked bulbs? This is one of the quickest and easiest fixes around. Sconces, shades, or coverings for lighting fixtures can immediately improve the look of a room. Not only will the actual fixture look better, but there will almost certainly be a better distribution of light in the room.
  •  Layer Fixtures – Another good idea, particularly for main rooms, is to layer lighting fixtures. This means combining different types of fixtures in the same room. For example, recessed lighting and pendant lighting could be used together in the kitchen. This can improve both the look and functionality of a room.
  •  Change Bulbs – Many people simply aren’t aware that different types and colors of light bulbs are widely available. The color of light  emitted by fixtures can easily be changed by trying a different type of bulb.

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