Residential Lighting

Award-Winning Design Project: River House

Home Lighting - River House Project-1This contemporary home boasts high ceilings and strong linear elements. Square architectural luminaires, fitted with reflector lamps in a variety of beam spreads, complement the architecture and highlight artwork and furnishings. A lighting control system integrates with other automated systems to provide central locations for occupants to control their environment.

Decorative luminaires are centered over the living room seating groups to create visual interest. Downlights with 50-W MR16 narrow spot lamps highlight artwork, while 50-W MR16 narrow flood lamps accent the tables and seating groups. A vertical reveal draws attention to the art wall and creates a definite line between the interior and exterior of the home. Uplights with 50-W MR16 narrow flood lamps reveal the texture of the stone columns.

The headboard in the bedroom is accented using linear LEDs in the large niche. Downlights with 50-W MR16 very narrow spot lamps along with swing-arm fixtures provide light for reading.

Project: River House

Location: Aspen, Colorado

Award: 2010 GE Edison Award of Residential Design

Lighting Designers: Robert Singer, IALD, IES, and Chase Carter, LD, of Robert Singer & Associates

Architect: Charles Cunniffe Architects

Photography: Nick Tininenko Photography

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