Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting: Ideal Lights for Doing Your Makeup

Bathrooms need ideal lights for doing your makeup. There are several types of lighting: task lighting for doing makeup and shaving, and ambient lighting for relaxation.

A well-lit bathroom, you will have four types of light: task, ambient, accent, and decorative. Layer the light in your bathroom to utilize all types. Good task lighting at the mirror will ensure shadow free lighting for grooming.

Ambient lighting should reflect off the ceiling; this soft lighting is excellent for your appearance.  Utilize accent lighting to focus on features of your bathroom, and decorative lighting, such as an elegant ceiling fixture will add to your bathroom’s overall atmosphere.

Create Lighting Zones

Another design tip is to create zones by using dimmers. This means using different types of light for different areas of the bathroom as well as bathroom activities. For example, you will need bright light around your vanity, but may prefer soft, ambient light for soaking in the tub and nightlights near the door in case you or your children need to use the bathroom late at night. Using dimmer switches will allow you to change the level of light in each zone.

The Vanity

Of course, the vanity is the most important part of your bathroom in terms of lighting. If possible place vanity light on either side of the mirror. Lighting from above or by a single light adds splotches and shadows to your face, which is the worst lighting to have in the area where you care for your appearance. Lighting experts suggest that the fixtures be placed 36 to 40 inches apart.

Choosing Bulbs

Pay close attention to the bulbs you use. Choosing the right bulbs is just as important a decision as the right style of lighting. Different types of bulbs produce different color rendition and the end result can  as they can change your appearance and that of the interior design. If you choose fluorescent or LED bulbs they should indicate if they have a warm or cool white color.

Compact fluorescent bulbs can also be used if they have a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 or higher. Finally, LED light bulbs are an emerging technology that can be used in bathrooms if they have the same CRI as CFLs. For brightness, remember that LEDs are measured in lumens, not watts.


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