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Entertainment Lighting For Your Man Cave

Cool Lighting For Your Man CaveThe man cave may be one of the newest rooms in the home, but it should not be overlooked when it comes to lighting design. A man cave is often a multi-purpose entertainment space that demands multiple kinds of lighting. Carefully assessing what this room will be used for can help you to choose the most appropriate kinds of lighting, allowing you to get the most enjoyment out of your man cave.

Lighting Game Spaces

In many ways, a man cave is a playroom for adults. Foosball tables, pool tables, and dartboards often take center stage. These recreation areas should be well lighted with overhead lighting, allowing you to clearly see where all the action is. Recessed lighting or track lighting can be ideal for lighting these types of activities. Alternatively, overhead light panels in a drop tile ceiling can provide good all-around lighting. Avoid standing floor lamps around these high activity games, as you run the risk that they will be knocked over.

Over at The Bar

Maybe your idea of relaxing is hanging around a bar with your buddies. Bars also benefit from overhead light, but of a different kind. While recessed or track lighting still works well for bars, install dimmer switches for your bar lighting, or use lower wattage bulbs than you would in other entertainment spaces. This will help to create the kind of ambiance you associate with a bar, transporting you out of your home and down to the pub on the corner.

Entertainment Lighting

Dimmer switches are also ideal for the lighting around televisions or entertainment stations. This allows you to turn down the lights and set the mood for a movie, while giving you the option of brighter lights when watching football or playing video games. Overhead lighting is the most consistently distributed type of lighting for these areas, but be sure to position your lights so that they don’t create distracting  glare or reflections in the surface of the screen. Tape or rope lighting can also be arranged around or behind the screen, grabbing everyone’s attention.

Themed Fixtures

No man cave is complete without a cool themed lamp. No matter what your passion, a thematically appropriate lamp exists out there. Maybe your man cave is home to your collection of guitars, or perhaps you are a car enthusiast. A table lamp in the shape of a guitar or a convertible can add some additional playfulness to the space, while highlighting your hobby. For sports enthusiasts, LED lights in the colors of a favorite team can be used to illuminate team memorabilia, or to light up a trophy stand.

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