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Finding the Right Fixture: Wall Sconces

Finding The Right Fixture:Wall SconeAlthough wall sconces are an excellent source of ambient light, they can also be used to add a stylish accent to a room. Since there are a wide variety of wall sconces, they can be used effectively in many different situations. Thanks to their versatility, wall sconces can be used to provide task lighting, accent lighting, or  decorative lighting.

Choosing a Type of Wall Sconce

It  may be  a challenge to determine which type of wall sconce will be most effective in  a particular room. To simplify your choice, only consider wall sconces that provide the type of lighting that you need. The different styles of wall sconces include the following:

  • Down light. Scones hat provide down lighting  direct light down the vertical surface towards the floor
  • Up light. In contrast to down light sconces, up light sconces naturally direct light towards the ceiling which can help a room to feel larger and more airy.

None of the above are wall sconces.

How to Use Wall Sconces

Unsurprisingly, the wide variety of types of wall sconces means that wall sconces can be used for a vast range of functions, including:

  • Ambient lighting in halls. Wall sconces can be strategically placed along a hall in order to offer indirect illumination.

By using wall sconces creatively, you can add extra dimension and style to the lighting throughout your home.

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