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Getting Started with LED Lighting Fixtures

Getting Started With LED Lighting FixturesMany people have heard about the advantages of using LED lighting to illuminate a home, but don’t quite know where to start. While LED lighting fixtures can be used throughout your home, there are certainly a few specific places to start to reap the rewards of LED lighting immediately.

High-Traffic Areas

Begin by thinking about the most heavily trafficked areas in your home. For most people, this will be kitchens, hallways, and living rooms. LED lights are fantastic at saving energy, so make sure heavily used fixtures are equipped with LED lighting. Start by replacing the overhead lighting in the kitchen, and you will immediately notice a change for the better in your energy bill.

Hard-to-Reach Fixtures

The next step is to locate the hard-to-reach fixtures in your home. Think about lights that are a pain to change; these are the best ones to install LED lighting in. Because LED bulbs can last anywhere from 10-20 years, installing them in difficult fixtures can save time and effort spent changing them so often.


While LED lighting is widely known for energy efficiency, it is also useful for providing clean, focused light. LED lighting can turn anywhere from 80-90% of energy produced into light, as opposed to the 20% in conventional light bulbs. This means less energy is wasted on heat, and more can be used for lighting. This is particularly useful in workspaces where light is essential to productivity and safety. Try installing LED lighting in laundry rooms, above work benches, and in office spaces.

Outdoor Entrances

Once again, the long lasting nature of LED lighting makes it useful for outdoor lighting  Try installing LED lighting around the outside  for better security and visibility. Traditional light bulbs have a much shorter lifespan and can burn out at inconvenient times, while LED lighting offers years of security and comfort.

Design Features

Because of their small size, LED bulbs are perfect for lighting design features in your home. Try using LED lighting to cast focused light on wall art, book cases, and plants. The clean light will allow a room’s best features to be seen more prominently.

LED lighting is extremely flexible and useful. While these are just five easy places to start, you will quickly discover that this type of lighting can be used in a number of other spaces. Start exploring the benefits of LED lighting today.

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