Bedroom Lighting

How To Create Perfect Bedroom Lighting for Guests

How To Create Perfect Bedroom Lighting for GuestsIf you frequently have guests, it is important to have a well-designed and well-lighted guest bedroom. Good lighting creates a guest bedroom that is open and inviting to guests, allowing them to feel comfortable and have a pleasant space in which to spend their stay. To create perfect bedroom lighting, focus on the bedside lamp as well as light from a variety of sources. Finally, make certain that your lighting design complements the overall design of the bedroom.

The Bedside Lamp

The most important part of lighting in the guest bedroom is the bedside lamp. While you should also have a ceiling light or other main light fixture for general room lighting the bedside lamp is crucial because it allows guests to turn off the light at night without leaving their bed. What size should your bedside lamp be? Find a lamp where the bottom of the lampshade  is at about 20 inches higher than the mattress, providing the best light for reading.

Ambient and Natural Light

Another key component of good guest room lighting is ambient and natural light. In the guest room, you should have plenty of natural light to create a happy environment. Try choosing a room with a view to act as your guest bedroom, providing your guest with beautiful scenery of the area. In terms of ambient light, a chandelier or ceiling light is best to ensure that the room is well lighted. The ceiling light that you choose should be a focal point of the room, drawing your design scheme together. In addition, install a dimmer switch to give your guest more control over the light in their room.

Scale & Shape

Finally, scale and shape are two concepts to keep in mind when it comes to guest bedroom lighting design. In order to create a proportional guest bedroom, consider the scale of your light fixtures and bedroom furniture. Fill the room with light comfortably, but not overwhelmingly. For example, choose a ceiling light that matches the size of the bed in terms of scale. When it comes to shape, your lighting fixtures should complement the overall décor in your guest room. For instance, choose lamps that match the shapes that persist throughout your guest bedroom design scheme. In addition, use colors and materials that also mesh well with your décor.


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