Kitchen Lighting

How to Use Lighting Fixtures to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

How To Use Light Fixtures To Brighten Up Your KitchenThe kitchen is probably one of the most important rooms in a home. It is a central location for family activities such as cooking, eating, and socializing, as well as a place to make a statement about the homeowner’s style and eye for design. When it comes to the kitchen, there are three essential lighting fixtures to think about: recessed, surface, and pendant. Follow these lighting fixture tips to brighten up your kitchen.

Recessed Lighting in the Kitchen

Recessed lighting is useful for its ability to provide large amounts of light without wasting visible space. This is also a good option for accenting particular items in the room. While they do not take up any useable space, a certain amount of concealed space is required to install recessed lighting. Speak with a plumber or electrician to determine if there is room to fit the housing for the fixture  in the ceiling. Often, pipes and wiring can inhibit the placement of recessed lighting in a particular location.

Recessed lighting is particularly useful above counter space and over kitchen tables. This can also be used to direct light to certain walls or furnishings.

Surface Lighting in the Kitchen

Surface lighting is another option to illuminate a kitchen. Once popular in the middle to late 20th century, this form of lighting is making a comeback in modern kitchens. It is less popular than recessed lighting, simply because it does not provide the same clean look, but is quite effective for uniform light distribution. It id useful in lighting large spaces without using too many individual units. Surface mounted fixtures can add a unique design element to any kitchen.

Pendant Lighting in the Kitchen

The third essential lighting fixture for the kitchen is pendant lighting. Pendant lighting fixtures have the unique ability to save space while also bringing light closer to the surface. Recessed and surface lighting are great at providing general light, but pendant lighting can focus on specific areas.  Use it above sinks, bars, and kitchen tables.

The best advice is to mix and layer a kitchen’s lighting fixtures. When using different fixtures to complement each other, a unique and interesting design can result. Remember that each fixture has its benefits and limitations, so work to find the best combination for a beautiful kitchen.

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