Home Office Lighting

Keeping You On Task: Home Office Lighting

With home office lighting, you will need to carefully consider both the placement and style of the lights that you choose for ease of seeing and to maximize productivity. Your home office should have good, overall lighting with strategically placed task, ambient, and accent lights. Most importantly, your home office should be a comfortable atmosphere where you feel motivated to work.

Overhead Lights

The overhead lighting you choose should evenly light your entire office without causing glare. Ceiling fixture choices include recessed lighting or track lighting. Recessed lighting fixtures  such as downlights are installed in the ceiling with the aperture flush with the ceiling for an unobtrusive installation. Track lighting is useful because it can be directed at a specific area and double as task lighting. Another option is to install a ceiling fan with a lighting component – a useful combination to provide air circulation as well as general room lighting.

The Desk Lamp

In an office, the desk lamp will be the most important light fixture you have. There are many different styles of desk lamps to choose from. One popular type is a swing arm, adjustable desk lamp. The adjustable arm feature allows the user to reposition the light to suit the task. If energy efficiency is your goal (and price is not a limitation) look for an LED desk lamp.

Additional Lighting Ideas

An office needs more than just overhead lighting and task lighting, to create a comfortable atmosphere supplement the overhead ceiling and desk fixtures with one or two additional portable lamps.  Choose shades that are semi–translucent to provide a soft diffuse quality of light in the room. For a  fun approach to ambient lighting, try a SunJar. You place the SunJar in your windowsill, and it gathers energy from the sun throughout the day. At night, the Mason jar style lamp glows for a few hours before needing to be recharged in the next day’s sun.

Accent Lights

You can also utilize accent lights to draw attention to specific decorations in your office. Using track lights or picture lights to accent paintings or framed diplomas and certificates will add more ambient light to your office as well as showing your visitors your accomplishments. There are many varieties of accent lighting, including downlighting, uplighting, and cabinet lighting.

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