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LED Lighting Gaining More Interest Among Architects

LED Lighting Gaining More Interest Among ArchitectsLED lighting is gaining widespread interest among residential architects for kitchen and bath spaces, according to a recent American Institute of Architects (AIA) survey.

The AIA’s Home Design Trends Survey for the fourth quarter of 2014 centered on design trends for kitchens and baths, where homeowners focus much of their attention to ensure these spaces meet their lifestyle needs. Kitchens, in particular, have solidified their standing as the center of operations within the home—a place for cooking, entertaining and family gathering.

What’s Changing In Kitchen Design?

Nearly one-third of respondents reported the number and size of kitchen/food/prep/storage areas were increasing—modestly higher than the fourth-quarter 2013 survey—while only four percent reported a decrease. Double islands are becoming more popular. Wine refrigeration and storage is making a comeback. Accessibility and adaptability are more important.

Much of the expansion in kitchens is more about this room evolving as a central activity rather than a cooking space, with significant growth in respondents saying computer work and device recharging areas are fast gaining in popularity as a feature.

Among kitchen products, among those gaining in popularity are under-counter and upper-end appliances; healthier construction components such as lower volatile organic compound (VOC) paint, caulking and glues; drinking water filtration systems; and sensor faucets.

One of the strongest emerging trends, however, is energy efficiency, with LED lighting dramatically increasing in popularity among residential architects. According to AIA, nearly nine out of 10 respondents (88%) reported LED lighting is increasing in popularity, while a negligible percentage said it is decreasing. LED lighting leads the list by a significant margin.

Bathroom Design Trends

Similar trends can be seen in bathroom design. One out of four reported that the size of bathrooms is increasing in their projects, with a very small number reporting decreases. The same percentage reported the number of bathrooms is also increasing. Adaptability and universal design are gaining in importance, as evidenced by increasing popularity of larger walk-in showers.

Among bathroom products, LED lighting again topped the list by a large margin, with four out of five respondents (81%) reporting LED lighting is increasing in popularity.

Results for the AIA Home Design Trends Survey conducted in the fourth quarter of 2014. The survey is conducted among a panel including principals, partners and other firm leaders of AIA member-owned firms with a residential specialization. The index score is computed as the percentage of respondents reporting increasing minus those reporting decreasing popularity.

Popular Kitchen Products And Features

Popular kitchen products and features 2014 2013
LED lighting: 88% 87%
Computer area / recharging stations: 50% 37%
Larger pantry space: 43% 42%
Upper-end appliances: 35% 35%
Double Island 34% 29%
Adaptability / universal design: 32% 32%
Drinking water filtration systems: 31% 25%

Popular Bathroom Products And Features

Popular bathroom products and features 2014 2013
LED lighting 81% 80%
Doorless showers 66% 58%
Adaptability/universal design 63% 60%
Large walk-in showers 61% 62%
Stall shower without tub 56% 61%
Water saving toilets 43% 44%
Radiant heated floors 39% 32%

What You Need To Know:

  • AIA Home Design Trends Survey indicates growing emphasis on kitchens and baths
  • Kitchens and baths are becoming larger
  • LED lighting dramatically growing in popularity in these spaces

By Craig DiLouie, LC

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