Residential Lighting

Randall Whitehead’s Video Series on Good Home Lighting

By Craig DiLouie, LC

Lighting designer and author Randall Whitehead has created a series of helpful videos describing good home lighting design and how it can improve your life.

In this first video, Whitehead talks about why home lighting is important and the ways in which it can transform spaces and lifestyle:

In this video, Whitehead describes lighting design techniques for kitchen spaces:

In this video, Whitehead talks about techniques for lighting bathrooms:

In this video, Whitehead talks about lighting bedrooms:

In this video, Whitehead describes techniques for landscape lighting:

In this one, Whitehead talks about how to make your home’s lighting more energy-efficient:

And in this video, Whitehead describes how to incorporate good lighting design into a remodel:

In each video, Whitehead provides practical information with examples, creating an excellent education experience for homeowners seeking the benefits of good lighting.

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