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Solar-Powered Indoor Lights: Saving Big on Being Green

It’s easy being green with solar powered lighting, which can surprisingly create a real sense of beauty and ambience in your home. There are a number of reasons to use solar-powered indoor lights, as well as ways to implement these ideas in your home.

Why Go Solar

Solar power has long been used out of doors, but it is just as simple to create beautiful solar lighting inside. Solar lights can be both decorative and functional. Additionally, the implementation of solar lighting inside a home will help save exponentially on power bills. Also, of course, by using solar lights, you are being enormously energy efficient because you are not burning fossil fuels; rather, you are utilizing a fully renewable resource.

By using solar lights, you also have a fully functional lighting option for occasions when you may lose electric power due to inclement weather or other power outages.

In addition to their other practical functions, solar lights actually hold a charge for a surprisingly extensive period of time, whether they use solar-powered batteries or panels on the actual fixture. For example, solar globe lights can hold a charge for up to 12 hours, so you can have it illuminate a room all night long and then charge it easily during the hours of sunlight the following day.

Ideas for Implementing Solar Lights

There are a number of cheaper, more portable kinds of solar-powered lights. These can take the form of a bedside or table lamp for giving off smaller amounts of light. While these types of lights are are excellent for solar lighting on a budget, there are also a number of other ways to implement solar lights that are slightly more interesting and just as practical.

For example, one beautiful way to put a solar lighting fixture inside a home is to use a solar skylight. These come in through a dome fixed in the ceiling, which allows bright light to enter and can light up a home in the dark but actually blocks out most harmful UV rays.

Globe lights are another aesthetically elegant addition to an indoor space. Solar globe lights provide ambient lighting for the inside of a room, and can often be customized for particular seasons or holidays.

One innovative way to use solar lighting indoors is actually to install solar garden lights inside. You can use them around your houseplants or in other areas of the house. If you already have outdoor solar decorative lighting, you can even swap out your indoor and outdoor lights to charge them periodically.


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