Bedroom Lighting

Welcome Baby with Gentle Nursery Lighting

Welcome Baby With Gentile Nursery LightingWhen you bring your child home to their first bedroom, it’s important that the nursery lighting be just right. Infants are quite sensitive to lighting, and lighting that is too harsh will disturb them during night time feedings, while lighting that is too dim will make cleaning the nursery or picking out clothing difficult. Leave your lighting options open when you lay out your child’s nursery, allowing you to choose the right amount of lighting for the moment, and letting your lighting arrangement grow with your child.

Adjust With Dimmer Switches

The first critical detail when it comes to lighting an infant nursery is that you should absolutely have a dimmer switch on your main overhead light or floor lamp. These light sources will often be more intense than your lighting needs require, particularly during the earliest months, so being able to reduce their strength to a gentle glow can be helpful. When it comes to overhead lighting, recessed lights can also be a good choice, keeping the light from being centralized and providing an all around glow, while still pairing well with a dimmer switch arrangement. As your child gets older, you won’t need to use the dimmer switch as frequently, but when tending to an infant this kind of flexibility can make a big difference.

Task Lighting For High Use Areas

There are a few areas of your child’s room that you may want to highlight with area or task lighting. In particular, focused but gentle lighting in the form of small table lights is perfect for near the changing table and sitting area. This kind of lighting will allow you to change or feed your child at night by a low light while keeping them asleep at night. Also consider this kind of lighting for areas of the room that you might wish to highlight from a decorative perspective, such as the bookshelf, or a piece of unique art. Wall sconces and other small lights are also ideal for this kind of lighting.

Sweet Themed Nightlights

One of the most useful and pleasant kinds of light for a nursery is the nightlight. It is easy to find themed nightlights that will match the décor of the nursery – some favorites include nightlights that project stars onto the ceiling, a small turtle with a glowing shell, or even paper lanterns. A good nightlight will give off enough light to safely move about the room at night, without being disruptive. Some nightlights will also play music, which can be a soothing addition to this peaceful space.

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